About Us

The Beginning

ANAKKU is a name synonymous with every parent's pride and joy and it is defined as “My Child”. It is a home-grown brand that has become so widely accepted it is now a household name.

Anakku is the longest established and trusted baby brand in Malaysia that offers all categories of childcare at the convenience of our customers. The brand received recognition from the Malaysian Textile Manufacturer Association (MTMA) for its superb quality in textile selection, designs and craftsmanship.

It all began with a passion to create and facilitate expression of love to babies by its founder in 1973, when Anakku started manufacturing and marketing a wide range of basic baby apparel.

As the company acquired more knowledge and experience in the baby business, Anakku recognized that parents wanted more than just comfortable apparel that lasts.

With this in mind, Anakku went the extra mile to further expand its range to include fashion wear for babies and toddlers, feeding equipment, toiletries for both parents and babies, accessories, baby wipes, strollers, playpens and more.

From the opening of its first outlet in 1997, Anakku now has more than 100 boutiques and more than 400 counters within major departmental stores in Malaysia. Its wide distribution network marks the success of the brand.

Brand Values
Features and Attributes
Anakku has a wide variety of products that are competitively priced for a wide market segment.

Brand Benefits
Anakku takes babies’ well-being to heart and all our products embody the qualities of love, comfort and safety.

Brand Belief
Anakku takes pride in making the world a happier place for babies and parents since 1973.